Ways To Enhance Your Parallel Compression

Parallel Compression is a massively important part of my tone and workflow. The concept of Parallel Compression can be a little bit tricky to grasp for beginners. Once they do (as I once did), the most common application I see my students using it on is Drums. There’s a good reason for this… It can make your drums larger than life. I LOVE using Parallel Compression on my drums, but these days I use it like Sriracha putting it on everything from vocals to guitars to bass. It just WORKS.

That being said, I wanted to create a tutorial that highlighted some advanced ways that I like to use Parallel Compression. And to no big surprise, I chose to focus on the drums in this video so that its easy to hear what the advanced processing (like EQ and Harmonic Saturation) sounds like behind the compression. I think just about anything sounds amazing in parallel because we have the ability to blend as much or as little of the effect we want into our audio making it one of the most powerful concepts in Mixing today.

I hope you enjoy the video and please feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions in regard to the content. Never be afraid to experiment and try things. As with most concepts in mixing, there’s usually more than one way of doing things. Enjoy!

– Pete