The Neve 1073 Kick Drum Trick (5 Minute Mix Tips)

Hey friends! Hope you’re having a fantastic day!

I want to share a quick, 5 Minute Mix Tip with you. This is one of my favorite ways to make my Kick Drums sound huge, fat and punchy. I call it the “Neve 1073 Kick Drum Trick”. One of my go to moves, this never fails or lets me down. The idea is very simple. I use every single band/filter on the 1073 to achieve this.

Engage the High Pass Filter to 50hz. Then bring up the low shelf and give it a generous boost at 35hz. Next I like to use the mid band at 4.6k to get a lovely smack that cuts through the mix. Lastly I’ll finish it off with a db or two of boost on the 12k shelf. The amount you’ll want to use varies per mix, but I think after watching the video tutorial you will see just how easy it is to enhance your kicks with any Neve 1073-emulation plugin out there! 🙂

– Pete