The Lead Vocal Split Trick

Do you ever struggle with mixing inconsistent vocal performances? Are you often given a vocal comp track that sounds different in different parts of the song (verse, choruses, bridge, etc)? Β I have a very simple way of dealing with this issue… Something I call “The Lead Vocal Split Trick”.

As many of you know, “lead vocal comp tracks” have become commonplace in modern recording. What a “lead vocal comp track” is, is essentially an assembled collage of numerous vocal takes (usually the best performances of the parts). When receiving multi-track sessions to mix from my clients, I’ll more often than not get 1 Lead Vocal track in the session. Usually this is fine and easy to work with.

But once in awhile I’ll get sent a session to mix where the Lead VocalΒ is clearly a “comp track”. Now there’s nothing wrong with working this way but problems do arise when I’m listening and I can audibly tell that the “comp track” is inconsistent (for example, Verse 1 is louder than Chorus 1, Verse 2 has more proximity effect than Chorus 2, Verse 3 sounds thinner than Verse 1 and 2, and so on). Save yourself hours of automating and check out this easy and fun way of mixing your vocals!

– Pete