Mixing Drums From Scratch (Part 1: Prepping & Auto-Align)

Hey friends!

After getting lots of requests for in depth mixing content on various instruments like Drums, Guitars, Vocals and Bass, I’ve decided to start a new series called “Mixing From Scratch”. It’s essentially a series inside of a series. I’m going to be mixing an entire song (Light Are Low by Matt MacKelcan) start to finish. As we go through mixing the song, I’ll be focusing on groups of different instruments, effects, and finishing with automation.

We’re starting things off with an in depth series on Mixing Drums. The absolute first thing that I do when mixing drums (or any song) is to prep the session. In this video I show you my drum prep setup and process. This is an extremely important yet overlooked aspect of mixing. Stay organized and knowing exactly where everything is when you need it is paramount. “If it’s not manageable, it’s not mixable.” – Chris Lord-Alge

After prepping I go through and do what’s arguably one of the most important things when mixing drums and that’s making sure all of the drums are in phase with each other. We can do that manually, but I prefer using the amazing “Auto-Align” from the good folks at SoundRadix.com. Auto-Align is an indispensable tool in my mixes and workflow. I show you step by step here how I use Auto-Align to fix any phase issues and get huge sounding drums.

Make sure you download this exact session’s multi-tracks in the Swag Bag and mix along with me! In the event you need the link again to download this multi-track session, you can do so by clicking HERE: DOWNLOAD THESE MULTI-TRACK WAVS HERE!

  • Pete