Mix 101: How To Use An LA-2A Compressor

Hey guys! I’m super pumped to announce that I’m going to be starting a new, free video series called “Mix 101”.

In this free video series we’re going to be taking a look at and discussing topics like important mixing fundamentals and how to properly use certain pieces of gear (that have been made into the plugin format).

The first one up is “How To Use an LA-2A Compressor”. This may seem basic to a lot of you, but we all need to start somewhere. Getting your fundamentals right ensures that you build your audio knowledge upon a strong foundation.

LA-2A compressors are absolute go-to’s for me when I’m recording and mixing things like bass guitar and vocals. I look at LA-2A’s and 1176’s (which we’ll dissect in a later video) as my compression salt and pepper. There’s nothing I can’t do with both of these in a session 🙂

Click above to watch the first video on LA-2A style compression in my Mix 101 series! Enjoy!

– Pete