Mix 101: How To Use An 1176 Compressor

Continuing along here in the Mix 101 series, we’re going to be checking out how to use one of my favorite compressors, the 1176. This is an absolute staple for me when mixing things like vocals, drums, bass, and especially using parallel compression.

The 1176 is a little bit tricky to fully grasp at first because of the backwards knob settings. Whereas on most compressors 1 would be the fastest and 7 would be the slowest (in relation to attack and release times), it’s the opposite… 1 on both the attack and release knobs indicates the slowest setting while 7 is the fastest… The numbers have absolutely no relation to attack and release times.

The other thing that commonly confuses some people is that there is no threshold control. The way that we dictate how much compression we do (essentially setting our threshold) is by turning the Input knob up. The harder that we drive the input on the 1176, the more compression we’re going to be doing.

In this video I fully break down and explain all of these anomalies making it as easy as possible to understand and to implement into your sessions. I say it all the time, but for me the LA-2A and 1176 compressors are the salt and pepper of mixing. There’s almost nothing I cannot achieve compression wise with these 2 staples of modern music.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and please don’t hesiate to leave a comment or ask a question. Cheers!

– Pete