Mix 101: How To Use A Pultec EQ

Hey friends! Here’s a brand new video tutorial (from the Mix 101 series) on how to use one of my favorite pieces of gear of all time, the Pultec EQ.

The Pultec is one of my go to additive EQ’s. Whenever I want to do some low or high end boosting, I’m typically reaching for a Pultec. They also sound amazing on your MixBuss, particularly when using the “low end trick” that I show you in the video. A Pultec also sounds wonderful when being used as a color box… Just passing audio through the EQ without actually doing any EQ’ing tends to really enhance the audio by making it sound more lush and warm.

Sit back, relax, and dig into this video on How To Use A Pultec. It just might become your new favorite EQ 😉

– Pete