How To Mix Bass That Cuts

Hey friends! Hope you’re all having a fantastic week!

I just got finished posting this video on how I mix my bass guitars in a dense rock mix so that they really poke forward. In the majority of mix sessions there is 1 Bass DI track. If we’re lucky, the engineer will have recorded a second track in which a bass amp was mic’d up to get that authentic tube bass tone and to capture the growl that allows the bass guitars to push forward in the mix.

In this video I show you my techniques for when I’m only given 1 Bass track in a session and I need to treat it to get maximum cut and punch. The first main step is to duplicate the single bass track we’re given. I’ll then send the original track as well as the duplicated bass track to a Bass Bus. I approach the first track in a rather normal manner where I’ll apply a little touch of EQ and Compression. But it’s the extreme processing that I do to the duplicated track that allows the blend of these 2 bass tracks to comfortably cut through a dense rock mix for all to hear. I even show some secrets that I’ll use such as applying Chorus to the bass guitar!

Watch the video above and see exactly what it is that I do to achieve these sounds and get the most out of the bass guitars! As always if you enjoy it please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE 🙂

– Pete

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