Get A Great Sub Kick Without Using Drum Samples (5 Minute Mix Tip)

Hey audio friends! I’d like to share a really neat 5 Minute Mix Tip with you today that involves creating a “manual” Sub Kick Drum without using any drum samples and without using any sub enhancement plugins!

I initially got the idea for this hack when I received a session to mix that only contained one kick drum track and it was very bright sounding. The kick lacked the bottom end thump and weight that I needed in order to create the kick drum sound I was hearing in my head. Now a common move that I see a lot of people do in situations like this is immediately grab Trigger (or any drum replacement software… Addictive Trigger, SPL DrumXChanger, etc) and start reaching for drum samples to counter the bright, click-y kick track.

I’m in no way against using drum samples to replace or augment less than ideal sounding drum tracks. I just think that its our jobs as mixers and musicians to get creative sometimes and see if there’s another way to do something. Mixing has taught me over the years that there is ALWAYS more than one way to do/achieve something. There’s no such thing as the right way but rather, your way. So what I did with the kick track was duplicate it and then use some aggressive EQ and Filtering to sculpt it sonically ending up with a fantastic sounding “sub-kick” that when blended with the original kick sounded big and fat and punchy. WATCH THE VIDEO to see me do this process in detail! Enjoy, and please feel free to leave comments below sharing how you like to deal with or handle a situation like this. Cheers!

– Pete