Automating 2 Bass Amps In Your Mix For Maximum Tone

Hey guys! Check out how I automate in and out 2 different bass amp sims to get huge tone…

In this mix I thought it would be a fun idea to automate different Bass Amp Sims in and out in different parts… When the bass comes in in the 2nd chorus, the bass player is playing a palm muted type riff. I wanted the bass to sound as tight as the playing style so I chose to use the Ampeg SVT-3 in a 1×15 configuration for that part.

The last 2 choruses are WIDE OPEN. As a result, I wanted to bass to sound like it changed and evolved with the playing style. The only way in my head that I could accurately represent this was to change amps. I knew that the UAD Ampeg SVT-VR would do the trick. I know how both amps sound in real life and I used this to my advantage in the mix.

Thinking outside the box is important when mixing (no pun intended). I hope this tutorial inspires you all to get adventurous with your mixing. Taking chances is important. Watching Chris Lord-Alge recently has inspired me to be bold when mixing. He is the antithesis of adventurous mixing. We can never truly do anything great without going out on that limb sometimes πŸ˜‰

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– Pete

  • Al Key

    Sub’ed and liked! As a bass player going way back to 1978 i am always looking for a way to get the VST amps to sound “right” on my Rickenbacker 2001S (also a 1978 model).ο»Ώ

    I have used a real 1×15 EVM-L for years in a cabinet I built myself. I like the VST’s you selected…

    • Pete Woj

      Hey there Al! Thanks for watching! Awesome to hear you’ve been holding down the low end for a looong time πŸ˜‰ I bet that Rick through that 1×15′ sounds delightful! Glad you’re digging the VST’s! πŸ˜‰