Pete from Mix Better Now

About Me

Hello, Audio Fam! My name is Pete Woj. I’m a lifelong musician, multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter who’s been working in Audio Engineering for the past 15 years. 

I’ve created Mix Better Now as a platform to share my Mixing, Recording, and Production knowledge with other like minded musicians and aspiring Audio Engineers. I have a true passion for helping others and paying it forward, so everything I do on here is for YOU. Please don’t hesitate to email me or leave some engaging comments to make this a safe, fun, and educational community.

I’ve studied all types of music at the highest levels (Berklee College of Music, Rollins College, University of Vermont, etc.) and enjoy applying what I’ve learned in the classroom to real world situations. My areas of expertise are focused in (but not limited to) Mixing, Mastering, and Recording in Home and Project Studio environments. I am also extremely active producing and writing music in multiple genres (Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, etc). 

Although I often teach fellow professionals at the highest levels, I truly find joy in helping beginners who are new to the world of Audio. We are all eternal creatures of learning and I firmly believe in striving to learn more everyday. I look forward to seeing you inside!

– Pete